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The energy system

The energy system



The energy system of our body is fascinating, it is he who is going to regulate our physical and psychic capactees throughout our life. I propose to you to discover and to stimulate because it is your health capital. protect- the!

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The energy system can be divided into 3 chapters:

The Will



The will that is our energy envelope that surrounds our body, it serves to protect us from all attacks outside ( stress, viruses, bacteria, injuries etc. .. ). That is why it is very important to keep in good health, in order to be protected at all times. It serta also to give information to


Our body according to what it perceives.

Our aura is composed of 4 body ( envelopes) energy, each of these body to role well precit that works in symbiosis with the other body, the chakras and the physical body. Everyoneâ a two is connected to a door enerrgetique ( chakra), it is at this level that we can intervene to, diagnose if an imbalance is present; the rebalance, and increase the frequency vibration of the latter.





The etheric body

It is the energy envelope closest to our physical body, it measures a few centimeters around the latter. It is our physical protection by Pinnacle who protect us from all the attacks outside. It is very important you will have understood of the maintain balance and with a high frequency vibration in order, that it is always at the maximum of these capabilities.

The chakra corresponding to this body is the chakra of base (or root or coccygien) which is located between your genitals and the anus.

The astral body

This is the second energy body who just sticks to the etheric body, it channels the emotions, your behavior is directly related to this body. It informs you as to dicerner the right things the wrong things, to know if a person seems to be sincere or not, it is more or less your thought; it is all the more important of worked on this body because it will allow you to help you in the life of all the days, made him to call it you shalt be often of great help for valid a decision, it is your conscience inside!

It is often rather cloudy ,this is not always obvious to dicerner the contours with certainty. it to an ovoid shape, with the tip toward the feet, it is possible after elevation of its frequency vibration, it radiates to several meters.

The chakra corresponding to this body is the chakra in the solar plexus. It is located just below your navel down to about 2 cm.

The mental body

The mental body is the one who follows the astral body,it interferes with the thoughts, the imagination. It offers you a rational thought, but for that it is accurate, it is necessary to understand this "the energies that emerged from the etheric body are transmitted to the astral body. Following the passage in the astral body , it llows energy is distorted by our emotions, or the need to well the check, then, they are going toward the mental body. The mental body is then loaded to process the information received and to give an order, a thought, in order to find a solution to the information which have been transmitted. Now imagine that the information given by your astral body either eronnees due to your emotions, how the mental body could give you a rational solution based on false? ".

The mental body is quite voluminous is can measure several meters, it can bear several colors depending on your degree of elevation spiritual, it is often rather opaque.

The corresponding chakra it is the third eye which is located between the two eyebrows.

The causal body

The causal body is the last body of the will which in a purely spiritual vocation and move toward a universal system of knowledge, it develops according to your levels of evolution, if you have not yet of spiritual evolution it is reduced to a bare minimum, see same often closed. A contrario a person with a spiritual awakening advance may have a causal body measuring several kilometer. Once developed this body acts in a symbiotic relationship with the three previous and maintains a certain balance. With it you can achieve a degree of wisdom, and a gigantic conmprehension of the world around you of more precise.

The corresponding chakra it is the chakra of the summit (or crown chakra)


The chakras


The chakras are the energy points, kind of doors for input and output of energy, this is where the energy of your physical body is in communication with the different body of your will and the outside world. It is created a constant exchange of energy, which is in perpetual motion according to physical factors, energy and psychic. These doors must be regularly monitored in order to obtain a harmony between the latter for, ensure your health on all plans. The aura and the chakras operate in symbiosis and must therefore find the same balance .

It esxiste 7 main chakras and several secondary, we will be interested in the main. Their size is approximately 10 cm on all sides, and form a sort of syphon which is communicate the different energies. It may be that by a imbalance these siphon is close, or opens it unduly, this causes a disorder which energy is reflected directly on your physical and mental. the chakras have a color dominente which reflect also their states, and the latter also have a sense of rotation which is between the energy outside to the inside of our body, the latter is different between each chakra and if the person is female or male.

Let us look at each chakras to a little more closely


The basic chakra

Other names: chakra or root chakra coccygien

Location: it is located between your genitals and the anus

Direction of rotation: men clockwise

Women a counterclockwise direction

Dominant Color: red, brown

Elementals apparent: the earth

Sensory function: the smell

It need to visualize the chakra of basis as a inking to the earth-mother, it is him which we attached to it and transmits to us the concrete meaning and the present reality, the whole world know the expression "keep our feet on the ground" is well it is exactly this that the actualization you might describe this chakra, which is a door on our etheric body, plays a critical role for our physical body and more particularly the basic structure of the body (bone, muscle, liquids of the body "blood", and on the bodies which surrounded by the intestines, anus, genitals, prostates) and the environment that surrounds us on earth ( the nature between other). On the psychic plane he brings to us a concrete meaning, and the material sense of things, the primary direction also ( instinct of survives).

Symptoms which shows that your chakra to a blockage or an energy node:

The people have trends to have "the head in the stars", not attentive, little of briefs, distracted, reveuses, stunned, has no attraction to go forward, disabled while to resolve hardware problems, seafood the reality.

Symptoms which shows that your chakra is too oversized (too open):

The people have trends to liking the physical pleasures and material (the excess in any genre that is either food, drugs, sex, material goods ... ), in general it does not think that to them and have difficulty giving. these excesses often reflect some symptoms (cholesterol, weight, hypertension, heart problems, excessive anger, hyperactivity, authoritarian.


The chakra of the Sex

Other names: the sacred chakra, center of the sacrum

Location: at the base of pubic hair just above the sexual organs

Direction of rotation: men a counterclockwise direction

Women sense of the needle of a shows

Dominant Color: orange

Elementals apparent: water

Sensory function: the taste

This chakra influx directly on sexuality, its proper functioning is essential to have a sexuality balance, it acts on the principle of unification with his partner. In addition to this aspect it played a role water purifier of the body by the water,and is done acts on all the vital fluids (blood, urine, semen, gastric juice, menstruation, water retention, dehydration, and on the thickening of the blood). It help in the relations between the persons, the friendship and the spontaneity. It also acts on the bodies of proximities ( on the disorders of erection, clitoral sensitivity, the ovaries, testes, the bladder and the kidneys).

Symptoms which shows that your chakra to a blockage or an energy node:

These are the people who are very shy, which do not trust in them, which will contain on they even, refusal to report sexual, caresses, she are frustrated and are afraid of sexual relations.

Symptom that shows that your chakra is oversized (too open):

These people have trends to an abuse of the sexual relations and are attracted by the physical act and can exaggerate with all of the fantasies unlikely, these are often people frustrated. They only account for the physical act, nothing else.


The chakra in the solar plexus

Other names: the chakra of the stomach

Location: two centimeter below the navel

Direction of rotation: men clockwise

Women a counterclockwise direction

Dominant Color: Yellow

Related: fire elementals

Sensory function: the view

It is by this point that the emotions are conveyed and act directly on our behavior. This chakra being rigged the door of the astral body, it is very important as we have mentioned above that this chakra and rigged this body is perfectly balanced. It manages the way people perceive the world around us, it is our center of the well be staff in a spirit of tolerance. It governs our report with the concept of power and hierarchy, of laws. It is a regulator of the neuro-vegetative system, it to the effect of regulation on the cholesterol, triglycerides, diabetes, the excess of fats and control the weight variation. It acts by proximity on the stomach, the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, intestines, the colon.

Symptom that shows that your chakra to a blockage or an energy node:

These are the people who are down often the arms in all this that has been undertaken, people submitted, not stating not his personality, people in failure, no spirit to undertake, are no longer able to control themselves faced with an emotion, becomes stressed, nervous, shy, blushing can.

Symptom that shows that your chakra is oversized (too open):

It is a person who always want to be right, it can be shown authoritarian on the others as for itself. It is unsatisfied continuously, nothing he will, it is irritable, has no respect for the other, and does not take time for them.


The chakra of the heart

Other names: cordial center

Location: in the middle of the torso, between the breasts

Direction of rotation: men a counterclockwise direction

Women clockwise

Dominant colors: pink, green

Elemantaux apparent: fire venusian

Sensory function: the touch

It is the center of the feelings, of friendship, pleasure, of universal love, the love of self and of the divine love. It acts on the heart, its strength and pace, as well as on the rib cage, the lungs, and regulates the circulation of the blood. This chakra is the protector of your immune system and of your epidermis that preserves the attacks and encourages healing. It acts on the growth of the body to our young age.

Symptom that shows that your chakra to a blacage or an energy node:

These are the people who have a fear of being rejected from the society and by is done do reveal themselves not expressed in any case their feelings to the fear of being injured and reject. They are selfish, and feel alone at all times. It have a disabled while to love the thing of life, always a asspect critical of things.

Symptom that shows that your chakra is oversized (too open):

These individuals are all excessively in the purpose of having a recognition, a attention toward them. Feeling of being misunderstood the other due to a too large love she give and say why I have not to return?


The chakra of the throat

Other names:

Location: between the Adam's apple and the pit chinstrap ( above the clavicle)

Direction of rotation: men clockwise

Women a counterclockwise direction

Dominant colors: blue or blue-green

Elemantaux apparent: air

Sensory function : hearing

This chakra is the seat of language and of the oral expression, physical, artistic ... , this is our point of expression of all that can be felt. Also connected to the sense of hearing, it provides a capacity to listen and understand the other and of itself, and it analyzes each chakra and it should be cleaned if an imbalance is present. It acts by proximity on the language, the vocal cords, the pharynx, larynx, esophagus, the bronchi, the ears, arms, hands, and regulates the metabolism of the body.

Symptom that shows that your chakra to a blockage or an energy node:

These very people have trends to have issues with phrases ( stuttering, of the evil to the pharases understandable and coherent speech, mixture of words, voice tramblotante and little perceptible). They do not have trust in them, passersby gesture do lilting their speech, as if they were frozen, afraid repeated, tendence to respond too quickly to a question without any thought, spontaneous lies.

Symptom that shows that your chakra to an oversize (too open):

People very chatty and who are always right, which will previously at the end of this what believes, often i ntil the excess even with inventing the realities which does not exist ( hypochondriaque for example) . They have not the capacitee of listening to the other. These speeches are in general very rhythms by gestures.


The chakra of the third eye

Other names: chakra frontal

Location: between the eyebrows

Direction of rotation: man counter-clockwise

Woman clockwise

Dominant colors: violet blue

Elementals apparent:

Sensory function: extra- sensory, the invisible (the sixth sense)

It is the seat of thought, imagination, memory, intelligence, of the will, to the perception of things, it is in phase with the direct mental body that is ca door rigged. This chakra is spirituality, knowledge, intuition, extra-sensory perceptions, telepatie, it is in some way our 6TH sense. It control the nervous system, the glands,is on the face, the nose, sinuses, eyes, ears, and a sense of balance.

Symptom that shows that your chakra to a blockage or an energy node:

These people have no attraction to knowledge and learning, little intellectual. They are very material and too rational and pleasures as the power supply, the sex ... are very important for them . It is the people who carry out the orders without too many reflections, they do not have a personality of his own, and no notice.

Symptom that shows that your chakra to an oversize (too open):

Very spiritual people, who do not take into account the material world in which they evolve and forgotten their body and everything that relates to material goods, trends to the reverie and excessive to the imagination. Persons intellectual to the excess, which is more advanced croivent or superior to the other, for they, it n' is that they who are holding the truth of spiritual order.



The chakra of the summit

Other names: the Crown chakra

Location: at the top of the skull

Direction of rotation: men clockwise

Women a counterclockwise direction

Dominant colors: purple, white

Elementals apparent: the divine breath

Sensory function: the cosmic world

This chakra is in some way a synthesis of all the other chakras and of the cosmic forces that surround us. This chakra is often closed, it must be a long work on themselves, even for the open, once open, it brings to you the universal knowledge, and the divine light, it regulates all your chakras, one could say that it is the spiritual elevation by pinnacle. It is also by proximity on your brain. For this chakra it can have oversize, it is either open or closed.

There is a need to say that as a general rule is chakra is always closed, because in us there is always the doubts on the existence of even higher energies, in the form of death, life and property of other things.

Detection of the opening of this chakra:

In fact, it is rather a state of conscience which will give us information on his opening. It must be you do to the idea of accepting the physical death of your physical body, and that all the energies is transformed and recreated. Has the scale of cosmic forces, you are that a infimme drop but, you contribute to it, to the inversse in you, are present for tiny atoms, molecules that contribute to make you live, so one can say that everything is energy can imported its form, it is create, evolved, and is transformed, so you made well part of a whole, and that everything can be seen differament crayance according to your and your culture. May be the light supreme, the universe, gods, ... etc can is important but you are part of this Unit, and be aware that many of the things that you do imagine may not be currently exists, but you must tell you conciament I in fact part!. It is well, thanks to this state of mind open and comprehenssif on a lot of things and on the living beings including, in is putting in their place that can be the comprendres and the accept, and that the one realizes the complexitee of each thing.


The meridians

We have 12 main meridians and 2 secondary meridians, they are the ones who convey the energy in our body the chi (ki), have can voircela as a network of railway and the train that is the energy that feeds all our organs. These meridians is the name of the body they serve, there are several possible name. The two secondary meridians are more based on the psychic plane and emotional and doors of names which are not in relationship. Each meridians and connected to the other so that the chi can flow freely, on the other hand the two secondary meridians are not related to the other they form a current that their energy is clean, with the meridians always operate by hand there is always a meridian ying and yang a meridian, in order to have a perfect balance.

Front view

Back view

The different meridians and their description:

The meridian of the lung (P):

It starts in the chest and goes on the internal face of the arm up to the end of the thumb, it is yin.

The meridian of the large intestine (IM):

It starts in the index, continuous on the external face of the arm into the neck, and then ends at the base of the nose, it is yang.

The meridians of the lung and large intestine govern what you understand, and eliminate. They participate in the maintains good personal limitations. They govern the capaciter to this protect of assaults from the outside world and to eliminate them. it have a role on the sadness, and low self-esteem.



The meridian of the heart (C):

It starts at the level of the axilla and happening in the inside of the arm up to the atrial side toward the annular. it is yin.

The meridian of the heart is linked to the personal happiness and the spiritual journey as well as to the management of emotions and to the intelligence of the heart.

The meridian of the small intestine (IG):

It starts on the internal face of the external atrial side of the hand, and then continues on the back of the arm i usque in front of the ear. It is yang.

The small intestine ingested, assimilated and transformed the information.

These two meridians govern the joy and passion.




The meridian of the Master heart or pericardium meridian (MC):

It starts on the side of the rib cage toward the axilla and continues on the inside of the arm, i ntil the major. It is yin.

The meridian of the heart attended and protects the heart on the energy plan. It is he who manages the report to the pleasure in every sense of the term.

The meridian of the tripled home or Triple heater (TF):

It starts on the internal face of the ring on the side of the ear, continues to the rear of the arm and ends on the outer side of the eyebrow. It is yang.

The meridian of the tripled home is not connected to a specific organ, but governs the three main energy centers containing all the vital organs. He is the one who manages the way donations we manage his life, it allows you to make the share of things by example. It governs the general energy balance.

These two meridians promotes the joy and the regulated.



The meridian of the liver (F):

It starts on the top of the big toe side of the second toe, up the internal face of the leg and finishes on the rib cage to a width of hand below the nipple. it is yin. The meridian of the liver handles all regards the feelings. It is he who gives the ability to start the things. It is the seat of me and of his conscience.

The meridian of the gallbladder (VB):

It starts on the outer side of the eyebrow, continues on the flan of the body and ends at the end of the fourth toe. It to a complex path in the level of the head during migraine encompassing the head it is him which reacts. It is yang.

The meridian of the gallbladder governs the application of plans conceived by the liver. It to the load of the frustration and sense of the injustice, insustice and of the place which is the our, reaction to an event. This meridian and very involved in the headache.

These meridians govern the depression and anger.




The meridian of the Rate-Pancreas (RP):

It starts on the internal face of the big toe, traverses the inside of the leg and ends on the side of the chest. it is yin.

The meridian of the stomach (E):

It starts in the center of the eye and the level of the cheekbone and then goes back on the side of the skull. It shuts down at the junction point at the level of the jaw, and then on the torso to finish on the second toe. It is yang.

The spleen, pancreas and stomach to the relationship body spirit. They govern everything that key to the approval hardware and rational. They are responsible for the physical and mental contribution. Its involved in the reasoning or the suractivitee lucid intellectual and reflection. They couvernent the concern, worries, nostalgia and rehashing.



The meridian of the kidney (R) :

It starts on the footbed, continues at the nterior in the leg and ends at the level of the clavicle. It is yin.

The meridian of the bladder (V):

It starts at the inner corner of the eye, descends into the back of each side of the spinal column and ends on the outer side of the little toe. It is yang.

The meridian of kidney energy stock and the meridian of the bladder the broadcasts. They are responsible for the quantity energy flowing through the meridians. They are in charge of all the deep structures of the individual, the cleansing of the body and of the resistance to fatigue and stress. They also manage the chi ancestral and carries the instructions of our DNA. They govern the fear and beliefs.



Secondary meridians:

Le Meridien vessel design (VC):

Will the perineum to the chin . It is yin.

Le Meridien vessel governor (VG):

It goes from the nose to the tailbone. It is yang.

The spacecraft design and governor deal with your personality. They play an essential role in the holds of the spiritual balance of the meridians. That is the reason why we rarely affects to these meridians since they are carriers of the entirety of the be.They govern the devolve on itself and the anchorage to the reality.

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