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The theurgie is the art of capturing and to circulate the energy from one point to another through a specific channel by avoiding the divergence and energy interference. This allows to make a multitude of things for the purpose of improving its daily.


It is a court very complex and lengthy to study, which calls for patience and the aggressively, a lot of topics are covered, it is essential to know the different module in order to have the basic knowledge before all practices.

The court is divided into several modules:


- Energy universselle and its rules


- Principres of the theurgie


- The purification


- The plants and the resins


- The minerals


- The spark plugs


- Pentacles and talismans


- Religious texts and holy scriptures


- The practices


- The rituals


- The exorcism (optional)


First module available


* The plants, resins (incense)


Everything on the sachets of protection, in this module is also discussed few minerals, universellles principles and its rules.


The course has a folder and 6 to 8 hours of courses according to your needs, as well as a followed him.

The rate is 210 euros