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Le galtz

The Galtz is located in the three ears at an altitude of 700 meters next to Colmar, energy cosmo-thellurique of +22 is very interessente and very soft, it is a excellent places of meditation.

The virgin will be appeared the May 3, 1491 or the chapel of the three ears is still present the wave of life is to + 28 to the interior. A church has some not in concrete has been built to manage the influx of pilgrims but i you the deconseil energy is equivalent to nothing with the chapel.

The Galtz located 15 mins from the chapel to foot you immersed in the nature with a smell of the pine and fir armenties, the monument is beautiful and the energy very good also.

le galtz aux trois épis


le galtz aux trois epis

le galtz aux trois epis

promenade-rechargement-spirituel-005.jpgle galtz aux trois épis