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Magnetism therapy

A cure of magnetism help you to balance your body, to appease or to treat a symptom. What is mor importnat, we are going to find the cause and to treat this one to make. Sure these imbalances do not return back to pad.

The magnetism for wat?

The magnetism help you to balance and to get your vatal energy, it is very useful for any skin problems, headaches, depression, stress, bone pain and muscular, back, pathology that we do not know the cause....

pathologies with heavier: tumour, leukaemia and so on

But for the last it is only working with your doctor. Together, the result is optimum.

A care of magnetism be executed in two steps, the physical energy assessment and the rebalancing.

The energy balance custom is dedicated to any person, without exception and the animals ( depending on the animal), to analyze and rebalance the body in harmony. We will be in a prime time analyze your body or rather your vibratory rate, by capturing the energy it emits thanks to my felt, through my hands and the pendulum, in order to see:


-If your will (energy envelope)

Is well in place and if there is no lesions or tears auriques

If your will is shifted is is not perfectly around your body or torn. You can view as an egg or the shell would be broken or damaged. You would be more susceptible to diseases, negative waves and therefore subject to small repetitive infections, viral (influenza, etc) of the headache, depressed repeated, or of the anguish and stress ...


-We will analyzes your 7 main chakras,

One by one to see if they are well balanced ( not of closures or they either oversized).

We have 7 major chakras which are in fact of the points in our body or to create energy trade (such as the doors) that communicate with our body through the meridians. They are in constant interaction with our external environment, via our energy envelope ( the will). Your chakras influence to the inside of your body on your organs, on your physical health, psychological, and spiritual. Hence the need for the balance one by one and then all together to achieve harmony and rebalance your energy body.


-Thanks to the dowsing ( pendulum)

We will watch component by component their vibratory rate in order, to feel if an energy problem is present. This will allow us to find out where the malfunction is located and if there were injuries or, if the organ to a malfunction due to your past karmic.

If this is the case a rebalancing will be necessary


Price: 33 euros or for thr second care on one month it's 15 euros

The balance sheet is made to the cabinet on appointment  (french)


A distance via email ( me provide your name, surname, date of birth and photo if possible)


Chat by MSN messenger ( take an appointment and i you'll pass a address msn messenger) ( french)