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Custom energy balance of your home

The energy balance of your home allows you to diagnose the waves that are circulating in the latter or on your field. That is the negative waves (intersections of course of underground waters, flaws theluriques, old cemeteries, minds, memories of walls etc. . ), neutral or positive.


- In some houses that were built on places with a divergence of energy waves.

- Of The ancient houses filled with a past that is not always happy.

- People can feel poorly ( health problems repetitive, fears innexpliquees,)

- Felt a presence, noises , an evil be, welcoming home shortly.

- For your shops decrease in attendance.

- For the new shops, customers do not even stop!

ETC. ..

For this I propose to you thanks to my felt, and using the pendulum, to detect or is located the energy problem. That is either of a physical nature ( water courses, flaws thelluriques ... ) or of a spiritual nature ( minds, memories of walls ... ).

I can describe to you the history of your house, if the things are past is striking, because" the walls have a memory" i can see by this flash that there had been.

I can help you in your choice of ground, and to the orientation of your home


This can be done on site at your home (depending on the distance)


On plans and photos via e mail or postal track