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Lose weight

Who has never had the desire to lose weight!

But, the everything and to do it properly at the rate of your body so that you do not have a yo-yo effect and to resume what you have lost by the result.

I propose to you a help if you need to lose weight, thanks to simple and effective methods. This is for all people wanting a decrease of their body mass that is, for a cause of health, for a cause aesthetic or acceptance of self.

I do you proposed by a drastic regime, but simply that we do knowledge to explain your way of life, your coutûmes food and your goals. Together we will set a goal to achieve without deadline because, your body reacts differament between each person. He will lose just his surplus greasy at its own pace.

To do this we will:

- You reaprendre to eat on a good basis in prohibiting almost no food, on the contrary, in eat a greater variety of those, but the proportions and at times of the day different.

Once a program is defined

- To make the practice of magnetism to balance your body because, "a machine that is well rule allows you to operate on good databases"; it is going to regulate and eliminate this contribution greasy and channel your liquids of the body (water retention), everything will depend on your need, because your envelloppe carnal execive is not necessarily of the to an overload of grease.

- It is possible that we use herbal supplements to help to eliminate but everything will depend on the needs of each person, because I recall that is the case-by-case basis. An adjustment to your power or your treatment may in no case be a substitute to another person, because it will not have the same need that you.

I propose to you:

A package of 66 euros which includes 4 sessions with a regular followed