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The dowsing allows us to capture the energy waves various,it is sufficient to concentrate on the thing sought, thanks to it I can feel several things. Here are a few examples:

Where are the courses of underground water, or water bodies, the flaws thelluriques.

Where are the intersections of water courses which provide negative energies.

Know what is in the ground ( old cemetery, various objects, and miscellaneous material).

Research of clairvoyance with clairvoyance for all, find what cv would agree the best for your business, and the specific issues, find the objects or persons lost or missing.

donnon lieux de rechargement

On the spot


On appointments and depending on the distance



By correspondence



With witness for the missing persons and photo or plan of your home or land for the sources and water courses or research of objects, nature of the soil etc. .



If one of these areas affects you do any not. For any other request contact me and I will tell you if I am in way to help you.