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Course of magnetism

The magnetism, is the art of circulate the waves electro-theluriques through your body or of an object. A magnetizer is a person who has developed its sensitivity, and is able to feel some electrical currents and to circulate according to the existing energy channels. The magnetism application of the theory and a lot of practice. This course will give you the bases and tips to get you started your practice.

The course is divided into 4 modules:


Introduction to magnetism


The energy system

THE auras

The chakras

The meridians


The magnetism in practice


For Magnetism on support


The courses are in my cabinet by meeting stands approximately 2 h.

It must have a minimum of 10 h of course.


The tariff for 10 hours of courses is of 200 euros .




I remain at your disposal by e mail and phone for all of your questions