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The Donon

The donnon is accessible either on foot by the tag paths from the restaurant the Velleda writing board production hall or otherwise by car for the less sporting.

The Donon is the perfect place to recharge his body and his mind with the energy of the cosmo-thellurique places. People 3000 years before our era by the Celts the Donon is a sacred places, a sanctuary but also places a trade. The Roman civilization to also left his borrowed in if apropriant the place by the construction of a temple dedicated to the divnites Greco-roman, while respecting the places. A lot of history can be told on the Donon, because a multitude of people will be succeeded by, it can even note that it has always served as a spiritual end of. A legend we give that Pharamond the chief frank descendant of king Priam of Troy ( first king of France) based at Donon. The altitude is of 1009 meters.

THE vibrational energy of the places is + 25, and the view is really great for all the followers of great space. I you the strongly reccommended you to regenerate and spend a day in full nature.

Le temple du donon


Vue du donon


statue representant la stele du Donon


Vue depuis le Donon