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The lithotherapie can help us to heal and rebalance your body (cannot be replaced by the processing of your doctor), thanks to a knowledge of our energy system and with the help of stones and crystals, used in a certain way. Through this course I will suggest you to learn step by step, what is the lithotherapie and how can it be implemented for you or for another person with a physical point of view and spiritual.
The court is divided into several modules:

Stories and principle of the lithotherapie


The energy system

THE auras
The chakras
Insidence of the colors on our body

The databases in lithotherapie

The different uses of stones
The systems crystalins
The different forms of stones
The purification and the reload

The semiautomatic of each stone

The courses have a theoretical part, administartive and a practical part which is carried out in the cabinet. Set not to we will not deal with the different way to use the lithotherapie so that you can practice on yourself or on your future patients.
I will respond to all your questions by email, MSN messenger, or by phone
The courses are divided as follows:
Documentation in the form of paper folder.
Practical course to my cabinet to reason of 10 h of course distributed by meeting stands for 2 hours
Your first minerals you will be provided.
The price includes the documentation, the practical training, the minerals, and followed him.
280 Euros
If you interested please take contact with me for that we have to define your needs together.
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