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The theurgie it is the principle by which it picks up the waves and that the negative is used to circulate according to the rules that the nature we dictated to transform it into positive energy, and this is effective for protecting your home, you even of enemies and spirits or people with ill-intentioned, to protect you from negative waves, work colleagues, jealousy, malice, and something else unexplained ... to help you in the development of your business or help you personally for you open doors kharmiques if your guides tell me that I can do .

sur le pourtour du chemin de la chapelle de schauenberg

I do not practice for returns of affection, to do harm to someone or to earn money by the games.


The treatment is customized this is the case by case, the person must give are agreement,you can not do against his sandstone. I will use various practice ( rituals, concentration of energy and energy shield etc. .. ) ,the use of minerals, plants, amulets, mandalas and sacred scriptures according to your culture, etc. ..will be employed.


It will be done in advance an analysis to see if i can help you and if you have the need.

Prior consultation:

By msn messenger

By post

( With name, surname, date of birth and photo)


By e mail or by post

( I care a double of your prior consultation) contrendu and necessary objects sent by post.