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Le taï chi



Also otherwise known as Tai Chi Chuan or taï-Ji is a martial art that dates back to antiquity which ours has circulate internal energy of your body, thanks to the very very very slow movement, the slowest possible and controlled.

This martial art is based on the mental work of your spirit but in no case on a physical work.

It is true that there are similarities between the movement of the Taï Chi and certain martial arts, but it is used not the physical force ( except certain forms but not as a general rule), only the mental and the strength of your spirit account, you will discover or take conscience of "your inner self" or "chi" .

The Tai Chi we aid to give us the peace inside, the balance, the concentration for a spirit body control, reduce stress, it causes and strengthened inconciament your heart and your lungs, strengthens your muscles and makes your body more flexible thanks to these movements.