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Energie rebalancing

I can offer you tailored solutions simple to transform these negative energies in neutral or positive energies.

- This can be of the fluctuations of energies that intersect and generate by this fact of currents of negative waves.

- This can be of the spirits or entities that remain in the walls.

Or it is necessary to identify these places, and this is certainly it is longer than a physical problem.

For problems of which the cause is physical i place of landmarks or these energies intersect, and I tried to find a point of divergence of the latter to neutralize these negative waves or the change in positive energy.

For the interior and exterior of your home if you are concerned about a healthy space around you, you can use the rules of Feng Shui in order to be in total harmony with your place of residence or employment.


For the more spiritual problems i would say if it is a spirit or an entity, it must be that I communicate with him ( i am not going to do the chatting), and to do so from its full sandstone and the do join the place where it is expected. It may be that this is more complex yet and that the spirit is negative in the extreme and he attacks you physically. In this case I will have to perform an exorcism, but do not worry you this is not common. There is a strong chance that this is not it.

The rebalancing energy is done:

In your home

By email or post

But for this I will send you the things to put on and to do on site (everything depends on the case).