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Meeting stands of clairvoyance


I propose to you my services of light medium to help you see more clear in your life.

I used the fortune-telling through the tarot of the Egyptian transition and the pendulum as media for certain questions, but most of the time, I used my felt. My guides and yours me transmit of PROMS. The information received by these flashes you will be notified only if your guides the permit. I can help you in the area of health, previous lives, of the heart,of the work, study of cv for your business, study of documents etc. ..

Sessions last approximately 1 h according to your needs

The sessions are:

Through the internet with msn Messenger:

For this you need to take a visit you, and then after perform the regulation and i you'll pass a address msn messenger


By email:

For this I need your name and first name date of birth and your questions, if the questions relate to persons of thank you for also indicate if this is possible their first and last name and date of birth.

I used the Tarot cards and the pendulum for specific issues, the flashes come in suite. Take a visit you, carry out the regulation and you call me at the time of the visit you ( line not surtax ) and at that time if you pay the communication I am unable remind you on a fixed so that you do not soyer invoices for telephone communication.